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Welcome to Organic Acres Farms

Organic Acres Farms is the largest grower of organic vegetables are high in Inulin (such as Jerusalem Artichokes) south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Inulin rich products are important to diabetics that want to reduce and control blood sugar naturally.

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

A Jerusalem Artichoke is not really an artichoke and does not come from Jerusalem. Also known as a Sunchoke, Jerusalem Artichokes are a tuber, similar to a potato.

Our Product Line

Our product line includes Dandelions and Ehirory greens and roots, Elecampane, Jerusalem Artichokes, and Wild Yams.
These products are rich sources of inulin and levulan (polysaccharides that are converted to natural sugars that can be easily assimilated by diabetics).

Sales of our Produce

We only sell our produce to large customers on a wholesale basis. If you are a customer who purchases organically grown produce on a wholesale basis (such as a supermarket chain) and are interested in our products, please contact us at the Contact Us link below.

Sorry, we do not sell our products retail. Please check out your local supermarket in the Washington, DC region to buy our produce on a retail basis.